Episode 60 - Boardlander

This...time...Sarv and Vance talk about highlander extremely little, because we were pretty upset about the walking dead secret lair. This has taken some time to do. Anyway, listen in to hear Vance and Sarv talk about a lot of boardgames a little, and one particular board game a lot. It's not highlander, but it's pretty fun - so say we all. In the episode I mention a sweet often-twilight-struggle twitch channel - twitch.tv/thewinningagenda. But as usual, you can find the patreon at patreon/highlandercast, the facebook group at facebook/highlandercast, or talk to us on twitter @highlandercast, or Vance as @vanciannotions The discord is at https://discord.gg/N3z72r2.

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This is the 7 point Highlander cast, where we tell you all about 7 Point Highlander, the greatest of magic formats