Episode 63 - A Christmas Miracle

A surprise episode appears! We're talking to Isaac about some leagues he is running via modo - entry is free, first prize is a revised underground sea. Check it out - https://www.reddit.com/r/magicTCG/comments/khfzs0/7_point_highlander_mtgo_tournament_free_entry/? is a reddit post about it :) or you can chat with us on all the usual places. As usual, you can find the patreon at patreon/highlandercast, the facebook group at facebook/highlandercast, or talk to us on twitter @highlandercast, or Vance as @vanciannotions The discord is at https://discord.gg/N3z72r2.

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This is the 7 point Highlander cast, where we tell you all about 7 Point Highlander, the greatest of magic formats