City Girls JT

This week on Angie Martinez IRL Podcast, Grammy award nominated, multi-platinum selling hip hop star JT of the City Girls. Straight out of Miami, this born hustler has always been an intelligent girl who wanted to move faster and further. From Burger King to Whole Foods to scammin’ to rapping and topping the charts, JT always had the skills, but she couldn't always break the generational curses. Less than two months after dropping her first record with the City Girls, she was indicted and would later have to go on to serve a federal prison sentence. One week after she was released, a global pandemic happened. Imagine that? Although she has found love & success, the trauma still rears its ugly head sometimes, and she often feels misunderstood. However, JT is learning how to deal with her life day by day and acknowledges to Angie that she is ready for therapy. The future is bright for JT - she’s rekindled a relationship with her mother, taken on the challenge of rewriting the angry black girl narrative, focused on holding the City Girls together, and mastering what it means to be unapologetically true to herself. Check out JT in a way you have never seen her…. in real life.   Website: Instagram: (Follow) Twitter: (Follow) Facebook: (Like)See for privacy information.

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