IRL Take Aways: City Girls JT

We’re back with another IRL #TakeAways. The in-between audio-only podcast where Angie and special guests reflect on episode responses, takeaways, and highlights. On this week’s #TakeAways Angie and her producer Brittany recap the recent episode featuring JT from the City Girls. They immediately dive into the most resonating moment of the interview where JT shares her struggles with beating herself up and her journey towards self-love and acceptance. A viral moment that humanized her and allowed us all to connect with her on a personal level, a testament to the power of vulnerability and authenticity. They also reflect on how candidly JT spoke about the challenges she faced in her relationship with her mom and how she has worked to forgive her mother for past mistakes. She shows a lot of grace towards her, acknowledging that she did the best she could with the tools she had, and that forgiveness has allowed their relationship to heal.Tune in to hear Angie and Brittany's conversation about after effects JT left on them and so many of you.See for privacy information.

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