IRL Take Aways: Kelly Clarkson

We’re back with another  #TakeAwaysIRL. The in-between audio-only podcast where Angie and special guests reflect on episode responses, takeaways, and highlights. This week Angie and her producer Brittany recap the episode with Kelly Clarkson.They discuss various topics and give tools for everyday life, including how to identify when a marriage is at its end, why some people are devasted after divorce, the importance of self-care, and the power of positive thinking.  They also discuss the book Clarkson referred to as life changing and how it helped her know when it was time for a divorce:Untamed by Glennon Doyle. Tune in to hear Angie and Brittany's conversation about the after effects Kelly Clarkson left on them and so many of you.See for privacy information.

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Created and hosted by renowned media personality Angie Martinez, “IRL” sees Angie and notable guests sitting down to candidly explore the magic of life, it’s fragility, purpose and complexities.  Angie’s conversations will explore legacy, philosophies, and the extraordinary ways we choose to live our real lives.