IRL Take Aways: Mike Tyson

Mike Tyson may be one of the most interesting people walking the Earth and we must protect him.  We’re back with another IRL #TakeAways. The in-between audio-only podcast where Angie and special guests reflect on episode responses, takeaways, and highlights.  Does anyone else believe that when someone says something that resonates with you so much you feel it in your spirit, that it somehow shows up later in your life? The conversation Mike Tyson and Angie had about Angels resonated with Angie so much she is convinced she may have run into her own angel, Debbie, from South Jersey.  But that’s not it!  On this week’s #TakeAways Angie also connects with psycologoist and trauma expert,  Dr. Mariel Bouquet to discuss rage, brain scans, and meditation as a solution. See for privacy information.

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Created and hosted by renowned media personality Angie Martinez, “IRL” sees Angie and notable guests sitting down to candidly explore the magic of life, it’s fragility, purpose and complexities.  Angie’s conversations will explore legacy, philosophies, and the extraordinary ways we choose to live our real lives.