IRL Take Aways: Teyana Taylor

Welcome back to the Angie Martinez IRL Podcast!  In this week’s #TakeAways episode, Join Angie and IRL Producer, Brittany as they dive deeper into the conversation with Teyana Taylor and share their personal takeaways. They discuss how Teyana revealed a vulnerable side of herself that fans had never seen before, and how her abandonment issues have surfaced in her career. The episode includes a never-before-heard scene where Teyana shares her feedback on her own episode.  Angie relates to Teyana when it comes to having a tough exterior and a soft interior, as they are both “eggs”- just different types. Brittany shares her thoughts on the reality of women's empowerment in the industry and shares appreciation for Teyana’s ability to share an unpopular opinion.  Tune in to the Angie Martinez IRL Podcast for more inspiring and thought-provoking conversations with some of the biggest names in entertainment.See for privacy information.

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