IRL Take Aways: Usher

We’re back with another IRL #TakeAways. The in-between audio-only podcast where Angie and special guests reflect on episode responses, takeaways, and highlights.  Usher put on a master class on therapy techniques, and Angie is here for it!  In this episode, Angie taps psychologist and trauma expert Dr. Mariel Bouquet to dig in a little deeper.  Dr. Bouquet shares the benefits of Transcendental Meditation, explores the difference between ordinary suffering and deep suffering, and points out Usher’s emotional neutrality.  From Transcendental Meditation to Mindful listening techniques, Usher has clearly done the work to be a happy, communicative partner. Solid work. We all should be like Usher. See for privacy information.

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Created and hosted by renowned media personality Angie Martinez, “IRL” sees Angie and notable guests sitting down to candidly explore the magic of life, it’s fragility, purpose and complexities.  Angie’s conversations will explore legacy, philosophies, and the extraordinary ways we choose to live our real lives.