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56: Andrew Willshire

av Call To Action | Publicerades 2/19/2021

We lurked in the waters of Loch Lomond to catch Strathclyde’s top dog in data for a natter; independent analytics consultant, Andrew Willshire.    Andrew is the Founder of Diametrical, a Strategic Analytics Consultancy. He has over a decade of experience in media analytics and his expertise includes marketing mix modelling, media optimisation, segmentation and market analysis.    This pod is packed with nuggets of golden insight as Andrew talks to us on his work with JP Castlin (and their argument over mint sauce), the state of analytics in media, data problems in The Long and the Short of it, murky metrics on Facebook, why ROI stinks, Christopher Nolan, Franz Ferdinand, Ferrari, and lots more. /////   Follow Andrew on Twitter  Check out Diametrical  And enjoy his Marketing Week articles   ROI is Dead: Now Bury It by Tim Ambler   If Russ Ackoff had given a TED Talk video    Remember, JP is offering Call to Action listeners the Castlin Manifesto for nothing. Just email and ask nicely.   Andrew’s book recommendations are: How to Measure Anything by Douglas W. Hubbard   Management F-laws by Russel L. Ackoff & Herbert J. Addison  Everything Is Obvious: Once You Know the Answer by Duncan J. Watts   The Mind is Flat by Nick Chater   /////

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