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62: Richard Huntington

av Call To Action | Publicerades 5/14/2021

This week we’ve cast a spell to catch one of the most talented strategists in Middle-earth the UK, ad land’s answer to Gandalf, Richard Huntington.    A high-octane brand strategist, Richard has been leading his merry band of creatives and hobbits to the edge of The Shire for nearly 30 years. Richard is currently Chairman, Chief Strategy Officer, and part of the furniture at Saatchi & Saatchi.   He talks to us on being interesting versus being right, the lost art of salesmanship, why you must join a choir, wild swimming, how buying a dog grooming magazine will make you a better strategist, and finally, if there really is one brief template to rule them all.    You’d be a fool of a Took not to fill your ear canals up.  /////   Follow Richard on Twitter Here’s his blog, Adliterate Richard kindly dedicates this episode to Marie Benton so make sure to check out the wonderful work of The Choir with No Name    Richard’s book recommendation is: Waterlog by Roger Deakin  /////

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