S5 Ep4: Coutts 'A Sustainable Life' in association with The Conduit Episode 4: Afua Hirsch

In this episode, Paul welcomes Afua Hirsch, writer, broadcaster, best-selling author and one half of ethical fashion brand SIKA. They discuss the challenges of launching a sustainable fashion brand, the role of the media in changing the fashion industry from within and how we can all be more conscious with our buying habits. This episode is part of a new series, created in partnership with Coutts, examining how we can embed purpose and sustainability into our everyday lives. From responsible investment to electric vehicles to eco-conservation, we’re exploring the new technology, partnerships and initiatives helping us all to lead cleaner and greener lives.

Om Podcasten

Conduit Conversations is a podcast by The Conduit, bringing you pioneers at the cutting-edge of social change. Every episode, Conduit co-founder and Chief Creative Officer, Paul van Zyl, will be in conversation with exceptional people working to create a better future, in order to inspire you to do the same. Hear about the experiences that shaped them, the lessons they’ve learned and the practical advice they’d give to anyone looking to make a positive impact.