Preparing for Poker, Pick’em, and MGM Springfield

Opening Monologue Cousin Vito and Cousin Mikey catch up on things and get into a jam packed show Mikey’s Poker Face Vito gives Mikey a tournament poker quiz to help him prepare for his upcoming FARGO poker outing. Mikey recalls his last FARGO trip. Cousin Vito’s Pigskin Picks Vito and Mikey make their NFL week 6 picks! Thanks Gambling The cousins talk about an upcoming MGM Springfield meet-up and his birthday lunch!

Om Podcasten

This podcast for people who enjoy going to the casino. Listen in to learn helpful hints, tips, and tricks to maximzing your fun when wagering. Tune in for stories, advice, and so much more! Whether you like crap, blackjack, roulette, sport wagering, or just have a great time at the casino this podcast is for you!