Dangerous Amusements: conversations about Elvis Costello

Jo Brand

av Dangerous Amusements: conversations about Elvis Costello | Publicerades 4/13/2021

I'm delighted to welcome comedian, actor, writer and TV presenter Jo Brand to the podcast. We talk about her love of Elvis Costello's music and discuss the five songs she's added to our Dragging the Lake playlist. Jo tells me about appearing alongside Elvis on the BBC's Fantasy Football League and demonstrating her Costello party piece on television. We also discuss comedy, decorating and "toffee bollocks".

Om Podcasten

Dangerous Amusements is a podcast where we chat about the music of Elvis Costello. On each episode, a guest talks all things EC with Stu Arrowsmith and helps to compile the ultimate Elvis Costello playlist. You can check out the Dangerous Amusements playlist at https://spoti.fi/3lqEXom Find us on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. Credits: Presented and produced by Stu Arrowsmith. Theme music performed by Gary Mulcahy. Artwork by Gary McGillivray. Voiceover by Jude Vause-Walsh.