Dangerous Amusements: conversations about Elvis Costello

Mark Billingham

av Dangerous Amusements: conversations about Elvis Costello | Publicerades 10/27/2020

Best-selling author Mark Billingham joins us to chat all things Elvis.  Mark tells us about hosting EC's book launch event in 2015, spinning the wheel in the '80s and how being an Elvis superfan helped him win the BBC's Celebrity Mastermind. He recalls the first time he heard a Costello song on the radio, reveals the EC album that changed his life and ponders which Elvis songs he wants played at his funeral. Mark also picks five songs for the Dangerous Amusements playlist. 

Om Podcasten

Dangerous Amusements is a podcast where we chat about the music of Elvis Costello. On each episode, a guest talks all things EC with Stu Arrowsmith and helps to compile the ultimate Elvis Costello playlist. You can check out the Dangerous Amusements playlist at https://spoti.fi/3lqEXom Find us on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. Credits: Presented and produced by Stu Arrowsmith. Theme music performed by Gary Mulcahy. Artwork by Gary McGillivray. Voiceover by Jude Vause-Walsh.