S5E2 - Revisiting the Idea of Disaster

This week we revisit a question that comes up time and again, what is a disaster? Joining us is the wonderful Dr. Susanna Hoffman, an anthropologist who for decades has been at the forefront of social science investigating the “why” and “how” disasters occur. Join us for a wide-ranging discussion about framing, meaning, politics and language of disaster!    Follow us on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook @DisastersDecon Rate and Review on Apple Podcasts Subscribe wherever you get your podcasts!    Further information: Susanna's website where you can find the books that we discussed in the episode!    Our guests: Susanna Hoffman   Music this week from "Where That Ends and This Begins" by Vic Davy. 

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Reflecting on human society from diverse disciplinary and ideological perspectives to understand the root causes of disasters.