Jungkook Smoking, Street Woman Fighter Drama, Blackpink's Mediocre Review, FIFTY FIFTY's Legal Battle & Netflix's Risqué Business: Taiwan

Welcome to the Kpopcast! In this episode, the hosts dive deep into K-pop current affairs, provide some recent song recommendations, and recap significant developments in the K-pop world. We chat about paparazzi photos of Jungkook smoking, the drama between contestants on Street Woman Fighter, Blackpink's mediocre Parisian concert review, enduring legal challenges for FIFTY FIFTY, and the Netflix Show, Risqué Business: Taiwan. Plus, we chat about song recommendations from Hwasa, Eric Nam, and Crush / Paul Blanco.This episode was recorded on Sept. 8, 2023.Join us on Slack: https://join.slack.com/t/kpopcast/shared_invite/zt-93kzxcv6-YNej2QkyY6vaPnhEQJxk0A      HIT REPLAYS (TOP K-POP SONGS):화사 (HWASA) - 'I Love My Body' https://youtu.be/Crq_fRV0O0E?si=fhFmhyS0Z-g5T-nwEric Nam 에릭남 - Sink or Swim https://youtu.be/V1iJpkTiQps?si=rxGMeJw4-XPBpotSClick Like (Prod. Crush) (Feat. Paul Blanco) - Crush #스트릿우먼파이터2 https://youtu.be/aUQvmoGQ22c?si=fqbDxOLVAjhQOnj2kpopcast.net Hosted on Acast. See acast.com/privacy for more information.

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