Episode 34 | Matt Grubb

Matt Grubb is sitting in his car in the parking lot outside his favourite movie theatre in Queens, sipping a Diet Coke. As we're coordinating a time to meet for this interview, he tells me that he’s about to go see the new Avengers movie for the third time. It had just come out two weeks ago….I’m amazed and laughing to myself just thinking how much i love that compulsion. I think that same kind of curiosity and passion goes into his work and is one of the reason’s he’s such a brilliant image maker. His pictures, often varied genre’s, are unified somehow in this mysterious, very original combination of eloquence and strangeness.

Matt grew up in San Francisco, earned his MFA at Yale and has done editorial work for the New York Times, Vice and most recently, Gayletter. This past summer, he published his first, now sold out book, Brian Singer 2001, which was launched at 56 Henry in New York alongside a selection of new photographs made this year.


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