Gary Vee ON: Living Without Judgment & How to Stop Beating Yourself Up When You Make Mistakes

Jay Shetty sits down once again with Gary Vee to talk about choosing to fight for your passion over what other people have to say. When you allow people and their opinions affect how you live, you give them control over your life. You are giving them the power to decide for you. You can change that but choosing how much of your life you want to share and to what extent is already considered an intrusion into your private life. Gary Vaynerchuk is a serial entrepreneur, and serves as the Chairman of VaynerX and the CEO of VaynerMedia. Gary is considered one of the leading global minds on what’s next in culture, relevance and the internet. Known as “GaryVee” he is described as one of the most forward thinkers in business - he acutely recognizes trends and patterns early to help others understand how these shifts impact markets and consumer behavior. Today, he helps Fortune 1000 brands leverage consumer attention through his full service advertising agency, VaynerMedia.

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