Matt Damon & Gary White ON: Seeing Problems and Taking Action & How to Help Others in Crisis

Jay Shetty sits down with Water.Org co-founders Matt Damon and Gary White to talk about the water crisis around the world. We see stories of extreme poverty in places that are less developed and have little to no access to basic services such as electricity and water. These stories of struggles are out there but we don’t get to hear the rawness of the situation and reality many people live in. The water crisis is real and it’s one of the major hindrances for children to have proper education and a chance at a better future. While everyone knows Matt Damon as an actor and producer and screenwriter, in 2006, he founded H20 Africa Foundation to raise awareness about water initiatives on the continent. Matt's active participation in the work of Water.Org and Walter Equity has positioned him as one of the world's experts on water and sanitation issues. Now in 1991, Gary White launched Water Partners, now the international NGO known as Water.Org. Today, he leads two organizations in creating and executing market-driven solutions to the global water crisis driving innovations in the way water and sanitation projects are delivered and financed.

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