Neha Kumar ON: Building Resilience to Negativity & How to Make Your Passions Practical

Jay Shetty sits down with Neha Kumar to talk about women in business and motherhood. In a place where men dominate and are seen as rulers in a certain field, women will have to exert extra effort, time, and dedication to be in a position that is considerably equal to men. And when a woman has the passion for it, the will to persevere, and the favorable circumstances that allow her to flourish, she gets to be her best self for herself, her family, her career, and her goals. Neha Kumar is the former COO & CFO of Create & Cultivate, an integrated platform designed to help millennial women achieve their full career potential, including new female entrepreneurs who require additional resources. Neha has a dynamic and entrepreneurial mindset. She is also an angel investor who is passionate about investing in game-changing businesses. As a current faculty member at the UCLA Anderson school, she teaches the next generation of undergraduates about entrepreneurial finance and management.

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