195: SeaWorld Orlando Trip Report (2022)

SeaWorld was looking a little worse for wear when Tom and the fam visited in April and May, with some of the park's rides and experiences a shadow of their former selves. But amongst all the disappointment, do elite coasters like Manta still make it worth a visit? Note: Tom was pretty sleep drunk when we recorded this episode as he was in between late shifts, and his description of Ice Breaker is.... not great? For a better take, we recommend this video by Park Stop - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zrApu1fmzmw. You can find Tom's Twitter threads from Universal Orlando here: Day one - https://twitter.com/ParkRushPodcast/status/1516425770566041611 Day two - https://twitter.com/ParkRushPodcast/status/1520787932843544577 If you want to contact us about anything at all (corrections, info, sponsorship ;P) you can hit us up on: Twitter @ParkRushPodcast Instagram: @ParkRushPodcast  TikTok: @ParkRushPodcast Email: Podcast@ParkRush.com YouTube --- Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/parkrush/message

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