197: Discovery Cove Trip Report

It's a change of pace for the Florida trip reports as we swap the hustle and bustle of the state's traditional theme parks for the chill vibes and relaxation of Discovery Cove. Is this relatively exclusive day out worth the price of admission? Is it a no-brainer if you're already keen to visit Busch Gardens and SeaWorld? Can you really swim with otters? What are the cookies like? All those key questions are answered, and more! You can find Tom's Twitter thread from Discovery Cove here: https://twitter.com/ParkRushPodcast/status/1518221557587488768. If you want to contact us about anything at all (corrections, info, sponsorship ;P) you can hit us up on: Twitter @ParkRushPodcast Instagram: @ParkRushPodcast  TikTok: @ParkRushPodcast Email: Podcast@ParkRush.com YouTube --- Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/parkrush/message

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